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e-dreams company κτιριακοί αυτοματισμοί

An integrated store that offers, except for “unlimited” codes, important technical information and complete solutions for you, all from one source

The e-dreams network is a network of people with increased capabilities and know-how in building automation systems integration and with its services it offers value to e-dreams products, fully covering the specific needs of your project.

e-dreams is the only Greek company that can guarantee the smooth operation of your smart building system thanks to its properly trained network of partners.

e-dreams means Smarthome in Greece – SMARTHOME FOR YOU

e-dreams company


e-dreams is a commercial company engaged in the distribution of building automation products. The many years of experience have made e-dreams one of the best companies in Greece in the KNX industry, Building automations and Smarthomes. We try first and control all our products and materials, to deliver the maximum reliability and functionality to our customers and partners.


e-dreams has invested in a network of partners, the e-dreams network. Partners who share the same passion and knowledge with e-dreams and who are at your disposal at any time. Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships, which will help us create simple, efficient and better smarthomes for everyone.


In an environment that is constantly evolving, it can be easy to impress temporarily, but it takes more to give a complete and time-resistant solution. KNX is already a lot of steps ahead in terms of applications and reliability.


At e-dreams we work daily to offer you the right integrated product-solution, to offer you standardized and efficient services and improve our knowledge of technologies. This allows us to choose the best techno-economic solution for your project.


e-dreams is a unique choice because:


  • can provide complete solutions of high quality and know-how
  • is the exclusive representative of DIVUS, ZENNIO and ELDAT and has a wide range of KNX products
  • offers its partners direct technical support in comprehensible language
  • has a specific commercial policy focused on the e-dreams network
  • provides ongoing and meaningful technical training


Our future is:


  • to offer you the right integrated product-solution that balances your innovation
  • to offer you standardized and efficient services that worth your time
  • to expand and improve the quality of our partner network
  • to improve our knowledge and know – how
  • to find the most efficient, safe and sustainable way to grow


e-dreams and KNX is the key for your comfort and safety!


Don’t waste your time and your money!


Get in touch with us, we can make your reality like a dream!