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Ονειρέψου ένα σπίτι που θα είναι προέκταση του εαυτού σου, ένα σπίτι ζωντανό οργανισμό που θα αναπνέει και θα σκέφτεται, θα κατανοεί τις ιδιαίτερες ανάγκες σου και θα αλληλεπιδρά με εσένα και το περιβάλλον.
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βρέθηκε και το manual

Depending on EIB telegrams received, the shutter actuator switches up to four independent output
channels, one for each motor (4-channel operation). The number of output channels can also be reduced
to two so that up to two blind/shutter motors can be controlled per channel (2 x 2-channel operation).
The shutter actuator is equipped with a manual control feature permitting bus-independent operation of
the individual outputs in a permanent or temporary mode.
On reception of a storm warning, the actuator can, for instance, move the shutter into a predefined safety
position and lock them there. Each output can be independently parameterized for individual moving

AST-Type 01Hex 1Dez reserved
No. Brief description: Name: Version:
1 Shutter with safety monitoring Shutter 207401 0.1
Application note: 1. Shutter 207401
Executable from mask version: 1.1 onwards
Number of addresses (max): 32 dynamic table management Yes No

Number of assignments (max): 32 maximum length of table 64
Communication objects: 10
Object Name Function Type Flag
Mode of operation “4–channel operation”
0 Output 1 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
1 Output 2 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
2 Output 3 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
3 Output 4 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
4 Output 1 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
5 Output 2 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
6 Output 3 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
7 Output 4 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
Mode of operation “2 x 2-channel operation”
0 Output 1/3 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
1 Output 2/4 Step operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
4 Output 1/3 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
5 Output 2/4 Move operation 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
16 Safety 1 Safety 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
17 Safety 2 Safety 1 Bit C, W, (R*)
*: For objects marked (R), the current object status can be read out (set “R” flag).
Shutter actuator 4gang 6A 230V manual

Description of objects (dynamic object structure):
0 – 3 Step operation: 1-bit object for step operation of a shutter
4 – 7 Move operation: 1-bit object for move operation of a shutter
16 – 17 Safety: 1-bit object for reception of an alarm resp. safety message
(polarity can be parameterized)